Yonane Tamez- Director, Cinematographer, & Editor Reel 2017

Title: Yonane Tamez- Director, Cinematographer, & Editor Reel 2017

Job Title/Role: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor.

Locations: Puebla, Mexico & Lake Forest, California

Description of Project:

For this particular reel, my goal was to attract outdoors and adventure companies as my clients; however, for future projects my goal is to attract people who want their events to be recorded such as weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, church events, brigades, and eventually to attract directors and producers. So in my video I presented different shot movements, editing techniques, and different outdoor locations.

Each one of the projects presented has a story behind it. My goal for each project that I produce is to make sure that a story is being told in such a way that it feels real, engages, attracts, and can apply to someone watching, as well as touching him or her emotionally. An example of this would be the project I did of the child playing at the park. The child walks into the park, with a low shot, which gave the feel of the child feeling big. The story then continues with the child playing, and this now makes the audience, whether young or old, take a walk down memory lane. This is my goal for each project, and makes it that much more fun when planning, creating, and editing.

On another note, each one of these projects was shot with my Sony FS700, at different locations throughout Puebla, Mexico, and Lake Forest, California. I like my shots to be a bit warmer in tone, and because of this have found a love for shooting outdoors usually around 2pm and 4pm. During this time, the natural lighting is almost perfect, in the locations I have shot, to get a well-exposed shot with no additional filters or lights needed.